Cook Bros Mountain Bike

“Here is a near perfect Chrome plated Cook Bros mountain bike built in Santa Ana California that we picked up recently. It may seem hard to believe but it’s not restored. The only thing we have done was to dust if off. The components show almost no wear and there are hardly any marks on the rims from brake wear.

I can’t find any serial numbers but it should be a 1984/85 build mountain bike since that is the only time period they made mountain bikes like this. The components also date it to that range although in the late 80’s the previous owner swapped shifters and derailleurs to have index shifting. Or perhaps it sat in a bike shop unsold for years and they updated it to index shifting to make it more sellable?

Nobody seems to know how many of Cook Bros mountain bikes were made but it was a very small number. While I’ve seen about 4 of these over the years (I have two) this is the first one I’ve seen that’s chromed.  The origins of mountain bikes had influences coming from BMX, Motocross, Road bikes and especially 1930’s Schwinn beach cruisers. This Cook Bros bike shows heavy influence from the BMX cruiser scene they were immersed in. The headset and stem are both BMX.

Stay tuned to the blog because soon we will post my other Cook Bros mountain bike that was fully restored recently.”


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