Mark Nobilette Workshop in Boulder, CO

Mark Nobilette was nice enough to let me poke around his shop during my visit to Boulder. There were some amazing bikes in there.

Nobilette is one of the top frame builders in the US and has been around since 1973.

From his website:

“Mark Nobilette continues the tradition of European quality craftsmanship combined with U.S. technological materials development and design innovation. His preparation began with college study in metallurgy. A course in frame building, an apprenticeship and employment with the seminal California frame builder Albert Eisentraut followed. Six Year’s work as a machinist were further preparation. Nobilette began building bicycle frames in 1973. He is among the few certified as skilled enough to work Reynolds 753 and 853 tubing to the manufacturer’s required standards. Nobilette bicycles have been chosen by many top-ranked racers and triathletes. A former competitive racer himself, Mark Nobilette is committed to the construction of racing and touring frames with exceptional quality, precise and stable handling, the finest craftsmanship and elegance of detail.”

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