Clement Record Seta Extra aka “Onion skin”

At first glance I didn’t think much of this tire when I saw it sitting on the grass at a bike swap a few months ago. When I picked it up it was extremely light and felt like a balloon. The tire was unused/unglued but had busted sidewalls. While I was looking at it my buddy John walked up and told me it was an “onion skin” and that Merckx used this tire to set the hour record in 1972. I have done a little research but have not found confirmation to this claim but it seems reasonable since this is one of the nicest and lightest of lightweight vintage tires. Either way it is a pretty cool 158 gram piece of cycling history.

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  1. Daniel jansenTorres says:

    As a student in Guadalajara mexico in 1970, I had two posters pegged to my room.One was of Mohamed Ali and the other was non other then ” SENOR EDDY MERCKX”.I had just started to get into cycling and those of us that were into the sport always kept up to date on the races he won in Europe.Our great surprise was in 1972 when he anounced that he would be coming to Mexico city for the world record.I can say that I was there when he broke the record in the velodrome in M/city.It was truly a great moment to see him do so,

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