Joe Bell Workshop: Spring Valley, CA

Just recently I dropped off my 1963 Rene Herse to be repainted by Joe. It’s a given that a place that restores frames (mostly vintage) is bound to have cool stuff so Joe gave us the tour and let me snoop around the shop. What’s so cool about this shop, besides being one of the best paint shops, is that Joe Bell has a team of very experienced frame builders, painters, repairmen that all have their own specialties. As far as I know the shop houses Joe Bell, Bill Holland, Rob Roberson and Dan Cunningham. This is a very diverse group that all have history in the bike world. You can check out Joe Bell’s website here.

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One Response to Joe Bell Workshop: Spring Valley, CA

  1. Brian Black says:

    How have you guys been doing? You moved to Portland before I knew you were gone. Now Coast thinks they have no competition. Alas, nothing but vanilla. If I had known I might have wanted to keep Velo-South open as an on going and affiliated concern. Hope you are in bike heaven. I’ll stop by on a tour sometime in the next year or two to say hello and check out your new world. I hear the crew went with. Miss Ya All!


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