La Suprema Workshop: Tucson, AZ

While in Tucson we stopped by Ed’s shop where he builds La Suprema bikes. The shop is connected to a wood shop that Ed collaborates with at times (check out the orange bike with the huge wooden basket). The shop was full of really creative projects and I’m excited to see what Ed comes up with in the future. Check out the La Suprema website.

From the La Suprema website:
“La Suprema builds Custom Tailored Steelbicycle frames, forks and stems. They are one of a kind, and personally crafted.Time and care is taken to learn exactly how to meet your specific needs. 
La Suprema is dedicated to continuous product improvement. As needed, new toolsand processes are developed and refined. In this way, La Suprema adapts to advances,currents, and the craft of your individual bicycle. 130 years after its invention, the bicycle can still evolve. Craftsmanship is vital. The Suprema mission is to make frames which are built to purpose,strong, simple, reliable, and affordable. With no corners cut.”

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