A Really Long Cargo Bike We Spotted in Tucson, AZ.

While in Tucson we saw a rather odd cargo bike coming at us. The guy behind the helm was a familiar face that we often see out there. last time we saw him (forgot his name) he had made himself a mountain bike using 36” wheels (36er). It was an absolute monster and really cool. Well, I think his new project tops that by quite a bit. It has 36” wheels and it’s set up with a couch that doubles as a cargo area. It also has an umbrella, and an Xtracycle bag setup, and a trailer behind the Xtracycle. This thing has got to be close to 30ft long. To top it off it’s a single speed! He said he’s got it geared pretty mellow so that his average speed ends up being about 8mph. Tucson is pretty flat so it works out great for him. How cool would it be to cruise around on that couch on a hot summer evening. Leave it to Tucson to think outside the box like this. There’s no shortage of creativity there.

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