Christmas Day Mountain Bike Ride in Los Angeles, CA

On Christmas day I was able to go up to the Northern part of LA where I grew up for a quick mountain bike ride. This is where I did all my riding and training growing up and I absolutely love the trails around there. For this ride (for those that know the area) I went up Johnson trail, down Chumash, up Hummingbird and down Rocky Peak trail. I was a bit excited to be riding that day and forgot all about the camera until i was on Hummingbird so all the photos are from that trail which is in Simi Valley.

This ride was also the first real ride on my new custom Curtlo 29er with Action-Tec suspension fork. I was sponsored by both Curtlo and Action-Tec back in 1992 and the frame I got from that year is my favorite bike of all time. If I were homeless that’s the bike I would be going to the beer can recycling station with. So this is my modern day 29er version of that same bike and I have say I’m in love all over again.

About Sky

Sky Boyer, I am the owner of Velo Cult.

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