Ride to Suzie’s CSA Farm

Last Saturday Velo Cult, and hosted a really fun bike ride. We rode though downtown and took the Ferry to Coronado Island. There were about 30 bikes on the little ferry so it was packed in there. From there we rode all the way down the strand and ended up at Suzie’s farm just this side of the San Diego/Tijuana border fence.  In fact the farm is in between the border fence and the border patrol station. The ride was fantastic as we had beautiful San Diego weather and a nice long uninterrupted bike path along the ocean.  There were 4 kids on the ride too I might add, something you don’t see nearly enough in SD. Three of the kids were on the back of Xtracycles and one on the back of a Bike Friday tandem.

We did this ride because quite a few people active in the bike community are also very conscious of where they buy their produce. They want to eat well, buy local, support small farms and well, support good business owners. The owners of Suzie’s farm rode along with us the ride. BTW, they both have Surly Big Dummy’s with baby seats for their twins!  When we got there we got a tour of the farm and we were encouraged to grab as much produce as we could hold. It’s really fun to pick your own food before eating it. In a day and age where everything is factory farmed and you don’t get to see the process it’s nice to have a small local independent certified organic grower in your town who just happen to also be bike commuters.  The kids and adults alike had a great time picking between all kinds of different vegetables.

This farm also does CSA (community shared agriculture) boxes which quite a few of us (me included) partake in.  CSA programs happen all over country nowadays and it works like a membership. Basically you buy a share of the farm for a set price a month. Then every week or bi-weekly you get a box full of produce that’s picked fresh the day before. It’s getting us back to eating seasonally again. I love the program because it forces me to learn new recipes and try exotic veggies.  You really get to feel connected with what and you and where the food came from.  Having a CSA that does tours which allows us to pick out own produce really makes it personal.

After leaving the farm we went to a local restaurant named MZM Bistro where we were served a vegan lunch using nothing but veggies from the farm.  It was damn good food and obviously very fresh.

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