Reseda to the Sea 2010

On March 7th a friend and I attended a pretty cool mountain bike event. Victor Vicente of America had one of the very first big successful mountain bike races in the LA area and it was called the Reseda To The Sea race. This race started in 1980 at a time when most people had no idea what a mountain bike was. In fact that was 2 years before Specialized made the first production mountain bike. Gary Fisher of the Bay upset the local crowd by winning the first two races held.

Well, fast forward to 2010 and someone decided to put on a modern day commemorative running of the Reseda To The Sea race. Only this time it was a friendly social ride rather than a race. There was an equal amount of vintage bikes to modern bikes I would say. Quite a few Klunkers bikes there too. I brought out my 1979 Victor Vicente of America Topanga bike with 20” wheels because I felt it was easily the most appropriate bike to bring out there of all my vintage mountain bikes. It was a hit as most of the riders knew what it was and the one’s that didn’t got a quick history lesson on Victor Vicente’s bikes and this historic race.

It was nice to see LA resident Aaron Cox (in the Ross Bicycles jersey) on the ride with us as he was a two time winner of this race back in the day. Everybody had a great time on what turned out to be a really nice day in So Cal, well worth our drive up from San Diego. I have a feeling that this ride will get much much bigger next year. It is run on the first Sunday of March.  Thank you to Rich Pinder for contributing some of the photos.

For another taste of vintage mountain bikes, come ride with us at this years Keyesville Classic mountain bike race weekend in the beautiful Kern River Valley. March 19 – 21, 2010.

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