A New Velo Cult Build – Peugeot Mixte

Here is another of our recent city bike builds that we have been doing lately. This was built for a customer of ours after he saw the Peugeot Mixte we did a few months back and wanted a very similar bike for himself. The frame is a 80’s Miyata touring frame and most of the running gear is stock to that bike. We powder coated it and built it up with some new tasteful parts and an upright riding position. We thoroughly enjoy building randonneur and city style bikes and we like riding them even more. We believe every stable of bikes should include a bike like this for casual riding around the neighborhoods and grabbing lunch.

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One Response to A New Velo Cult Build – Peugeot Mixte

  1. Brad Snyder says:

    I want to buy a Peugeot Mixte (awesome cycle)…sure miss you guys in South Park. Can we discuss a price and delivery?

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