Follis Tandem

Here is a tandem I recently finished for my wife and I. It’s a gents/mixte Follis tandem from France. It originally was a touring bike and equipped with all the best touring gear of it’s time. The previous owner was pretty sure be bought it in 1969 and he said this bike had many great tours on it. He also had the bike repainted at some point and he added the pin-striping as well to match a Jack Taylor bike he also had. He got the racks custom made here in San Diego but he wasn’t sure by who. I asked around to several of the local frame builders and none of them remember making them so I still have some investigating to do there.

When I got the bike it was pretty beat but I saw the diamond in the rough. With those racks and the nice components I decided a city style French bike would best suit my wife and I. Now we have a great tandem for date nights and trips to the Farmers Markets. The tandem rides great and we love cruising this thing around on night rides.

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Sky Boyer, I am the owner of Velo Cult.

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  1. jim lewison says:

    Great job on the Follis Tandem! I picked up a lower end vintage Gitane (late 1960s) and am looking to upgrade some components in the future. Can you tell me about the wheels / brakes and FD / RD used on this?
    Thanks! Jim

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