SAG Bags in Stock!

We recently received our shipment of SAG from Japan. It is fairly difficult to get SAG products and we only have a limited supply so be quick!We got the Airforce 1 Rolltop in olive and black. These rolltops have been redesigned and are better than ever. They have a clear pouch in the front for stickers, maps, magazines or anything you want to display in there. There is also a laptop compartment that is accessible through the side of the bag. There are way too many little hidden pockets and pouches on this bag to list them all. The most important feature of this bag, in my opinion, is that it is just like a normal rolltop in how it rolls out to create more storage but it also has an extra section that pulls out and sinches at the top for even more storage. This is a do-all bag that is made for riding.

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  1. fadyen heilson lanau says:

    i want the sag bag

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