Portland, OR: Velo Cult Visits MAP and Ahearne Cycles

Another space I visited was the shop shared by Mitch Pryor (MAP Cycles) and Joseph Ahearne (Ahearne Cycles). This was one of the biggest spaces I visited in Portland and there was tons of great stuff to look at. Joseph builds everything from mixtes to road bikes to off road touring bikes. I remember years ago what originally brought my attention to Ahearne was all of the beautiful, asymmetrical, wood inlayed racks he was making. Joseph really makes some top notch stuff and I can’t wait to see whats next. Mitch builds, more specifically, city, touring and randonneur bikes. From classy french styled stems to chromed porteur racks… he does it all. I fell in love with several of his bikes during my visit. If you are into french style bikes (like I am) check MAP cycles because Mitch is killing it right now! I had a lot of fun at their shop finally seeing bikes I have been drooling over on the internet.

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