Official Bike Union Launch & Spring Haul-In and Picnic

These are our photos from the recent launch of the San Diego Bike Union. Velo Cult is a founding member of this organization and we’re proud to help introduce this to San Diego.

The San Diego Bike Union is an independent, non-profit (unincorporated), and all-volunteer organization. Our focus is on advocating and demonstrating the rewards of everyday bicycling for all San Diegans. We are especially interested in reaching new riders and bringing underrepresented groups into the conversation about bicycle advocacy. Up until now there has been little to no representation given to utility cyclists.

We work in concert with other advocacy organizations, local businesses, and community groups to make our city a better place to ride a bike. Please consider donating to help support our efforts. We are not going for non-profit status because this limit’s what we can do as an organization and we want to remain free to push for utility cycling in any way we see fit.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a picnic. The idea behind the quarterly Bike Union Picnics is to get people used to the idea of carrying things with their bikes. Lots of cargo bikes with heavy loads showed up which is cool and sadly rare in San Diego but its getting better. We had a great turnout and everyone had a lot of fun. Professional trials riders even came out to perform for us. Extra thanks to them… it was awesome.


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One Response to Official Bike Union Launch & Spring Haul-In and Picnic

  1. Jim Baross says:

    I really want to learn Trials riding; sorry I missed the picnic. I was in Sacramento talking about but not actually bicycling – someone’s got to do it, right?

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