SD Bike Commuter Discount Program Launch At Sea Rocket Bistro.

To go along with our recent Bike Union Launch we are finally posting the pictures from our SD Bike Commuter Discount Program Launch that we had at Sea Rocket Bistro. Sea Rocket Bistro was the very first business to take part in this program and a fitting place for the launch party.   Velo Cult began this commuter discount program less than a year ago but just now went public with it. We worked on getting the program large before introducing it to the media and general population of San Diego. The event also premiered a promotional video for the discount program that the San Diego Bicycle Coalition and Sea Rocket Bistro produced.

The discount program is very simple. Ride your bike to one of our participating businesses and get a discount. There are no membership cards or secret hand shakes – just ride your bike and ask for the discount! Also, we only allow locally owned and independent businesses into this program so while riding your bike you’re supporting the local businesses who support you and the local economy flourishes. It’s financial motivation to ride your bike for the “non-cyclist” in our population.  With all the bike advocacy that we work on here at Velo Cult I wanted something that focused on the “non-cyclist”. All over our triathlete dominant town you are starting to see people riding to coffee shops, bars, boutiques, farmers markets, and more on utility type of bikes. That’s a big change for San Diego and only getting bigger by the day. We are now expanding to the whole San Diego county and soon we hope to have hundreds of participating businesses.  For more info visit:


Check out the discount program promotional video here:
YouTube Preview Image

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