Velo Cult x Caffe Calabria Coffee – Eddy Perckx & Fausto Cuppi

We are finally introducing our new coffee.

We worked with Caffe Calabria coffee roasters here in San Diego to come up with two great blends. Caffe Calabria is one of the premier roasters here in San Diego and they nerd out on coffee like we nerd out on bikes. It’s a perfect match to work with them on this collaboration. We got to spend a pretty cool morning with the Caffe Calabria guys touring their roasting facility and having an involved tasting session where we picked out blends.

Eddy Perckx Blend

A unique balance of Central American & African Beans.
Balanced, Bright, Sweet

Fausto Cuppi Blend

A smooth blend of four beans from four continents. South America, Central America, Africa, and Indonesia.
Rich, Complex, Cocoa

In a couple of day’s our on-line store will be back up again and these coffee’s will be available there. In the mean time e-mail us or call the shop and we’ll be able to take care of your order.

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