Handmade Pedals and Seatpost

These pedals and seatpost were completely handmade for Gilbert Hatton for the ’84 Olympics. Gilbert Hatton was a racer from 1981-1992 and from what I have gathered these pedals and seatpost were made for him by his father Gilbert Hatton Senior.

When I saw these for sale at a bike swap I knew they were something special right away. They are very precisely machined yet still retain a handmade quality that is lost in mass produced parts. The pedals are almost completely made of titanium and the seatpost is aluminum. Judging from the width of the pedals and the lack of setback on the post you can tell these were made strictly for track racing.

If anyone out there has any more info or corrections please let us know.


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  1. john hess says:

    Hiya, Chet Kyle gave a talk at the USBHOF in May and talked about aero development and the 84 Olympics. I’d be kind of surprised if he didn’t know something about these. I have his email at home, get back to me and I’ll send it to you.

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