Another happy customer wearing Velo Cult wool!

Ted stopped by today to pick up his first wool jersey. He made an excellent choice. I warned him that once you wear nice Merino wool that it ruins you forever to cotton or synthetics but he wasn’t afraid.

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4 Responses to Another happy customer wearing Velo Cult wool!

  1. Linda Frelke says:

    Hey, that’s my son on your blog! He was so excited to show me his jersey. He waited a long time to get it and is so stoked to have it. So cool that he made your blog.

  2. Tom Jenkins says:

    The last time I was down from LA I stopped in and bought a long sleeve and short sleeve wool jersey and love them to death. I thought it was a retro fad but am a firm believer in wool now. Can not wait for my next trip this summer to visit you guys and pick up some shirts and maybe another wooly.

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  4. Simon Jones says:

    Hey Ted, I think you the guy I see on my bike commute some mornings, usually around Bachman. Nice jersey mate! Wool is the only way to go

    Simon (Silver Surly Pacer)

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