Sky’s Bernard Hinault LOOK

You know, this is just one of those iconic frames that I’ve always had a soft spot for.

Finally after years of searching I found a brand new Bernard Hinault LOOK in France. I had to trade a really nice nearly new custom made Grove Innovations road frame with Henry James lugs for it. The Grove Innovations had much nicer workmanship but I just had to have this LOOK. I could have left it new and untouched but I’ve always envisioned this frame with a full C-Record groupo so that’s what I slapped on it. Plus, there’s no way I could have this and not ride it. Once I built this bike up I even searched eBay and got the jersey that went along with it. Now I can really dork out Badger style.

These are obviously photos of me building it up so hold out for the photos of it complete. They are on the way and it will make it’s way to the museum as well.

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2 Responses to Sky’s Bernard Hinault LOOK

  1. pac3m says:

    you can really dork out with the whole look kit from Prendas Ciclismo! (bib shorts) (cap) (musette)

  2. Matthias says:

    Interesting combination of Reynolds tubing with Campy lugs. Love this bike and those Deltas make me drool!

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