Our temporary shop cat.

This little dude just casually walked into our shop the other day. We tied him up (with an inner tube and a zip tie… hahaha) for an hour or so while we tried to contact his owner. We eventually found out that he is a regular around the neighborhood and knew his way home so we cut him loose. For the time he was in the shop he made for a fun pet. Pretty chill and fun cat that seemed to enjoy the shop.

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3 Responses to Our temporary shop cat.

  1. Robert in San Diego says:

    Hi! I’d seen this cat last year trying to adopt the entire staff and clientele at the Cafe Madelaine a couple of blocks away. Considering the number of food service establishments in the area, it makes sense it’d take a while for the cat to get around to visiting the bike shop.

  2. besoy says:

    is the little dude ok?

  3. Sky says:

    The cat is just fine. Still roaming around making friends with businesses in the neighborhood.

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