Bernard Hinault Look.

Back on May 4th we did a blog post showing me unwrapping my new old stock LOOK. Now it’s finished! Well, I still want to change the rear derailleur and seat post to C-Record so it will have a complete C-Record group but for the most part it is finished.

I have always really dug the paint scheme on these back in the day and I’ve been loosely trying to find one for years. Then all of a sudden I had found a guy in France that had a new frame for me, in my size! The hunt for C-Record began. This was a commemorative frame so I built it up to be basically the era of the frame.

Since these photos were taken I actually found a Flite saddle with the matching colors along with the correct jersey and water bottle for this setup. I’m a dork that way. Someday perhaps I’ll get some ride shots with the kit and all.

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6 Responses to Bernard Hinault Look.

  1. Ron says:

    Classy. What a great looking ride. Steel Frame?
    I recently bought an Italian made steel frame; properly sized with campy centaur for a smooth retro look.

  2. Curtis Odom says:

    Very nice! And a “Proper Bike” , meaning a Campagnolo bike.

  3. danny k. says:

    FYI prendas in the UK sells a complete kit for la vie claire…cap, shorts, ls and ss jerseys and mussette..ive ordered from them before and their service is great…

  4. Nathan Brito says:


  5. 4 years ago, someone outbid me on one of those frames in my size. It’s been a sad, somber 4 years since. :( Congratulations on your beauty!
    And you can get the La Vie Claire Jerseys at

  6. Rico says:

    I bought one of those new back in the late 80s, used C-Record with the Cobalto brake, was much better performer than the Delta. Great riding bike, Reynolds 753 tubeset.

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