The replacement Raleigh Competition

This is a neat story with crappy beginning and a great ending. We had a gentleman come in with a mangled Raleigh Competition. Apparently it fell off of his roof rack and a Ford Explorer ran it over. He bought the bike new and really didn’t want any other bike since he loved the ride quality of his old Raleigh. It just so happened that I had virtually the same frame in the same color and same size at my warehouse! It’s not everyday you can walk into a bike shop and order up a 70’s Raleigh Competition.

I saved as many parts as I could from his old bike which wasn’t too many and then set out to built up his new frame. The old bike was a G.S. model with Campy G.S. parts and Weinmann brakes. Through this process I upgraded most parts to Campy Nuovo Record. Not only did he get his old bike back but it’s better than before. The customer was stoked to have his steed back and we were stoked that we could make it happen.

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5 Responses to The replacement Raleigh Competition

  1. Paul Murray says:

    Nice looking bike. I’m looking for a Raleigh competion myslef, to buidl up for my son. Do you have another hanging around. I’d likea 22,5 or 23.5 inch frame. I have an old Super Tourer- 1974, which I just restorer and now comute on. Awesome old bike. If you have any old Raleighs in the 22.5 or 23.5 inch size, Competion, Super Tourer, or Pro, I’d like to know.



  2. mike says:

    Hi – I’m looking for a raleigh carlton frame reynolds double butted in a 21″ (53) size.

  3. Joe McAdams says:

    I have a Competition outfitted with the Campy upgrades as in the posting.

  4. Jeff Cozad says:

    Very nice! I have that same bicycle in the basement.

  5. Gordon Jamieson says:

    I bought a Raleigh Competion new, about 1971, 2 shades of purple. Sweet ride. My first quality bike. From Ted Ernst, Manhattan Beach, Ca. Gordon

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