Velo Cult Tweed Ride 2011

This years Tweed Ride was special for us because it was out last event here in San Diego. As most of you know already we are leaving San Diego so it was really cool to get a chance to see everyone together one last time. We will have more details on our new journey soon but in the meantime enjoy this years Tweed Ride photos.


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One Response to Velo Cult Tweed Ride 2011

  1. Hans Wangbichler says:

    San Diego has been fortunate to have you guys down here. Not only an honest, down-to-earth, knowledgeable shop, but supportive advocates for everything “bicycle”. It’s been like having a little slice of Portland down here. I’d say “good luck”, but that’s not what’s gotten you where you are. More accurate to say “keep up the good work”.
    Anthony- You’re great. Many can shoot an event. You sir, capture the mood as well. Thanks all!

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