Goodbye San Diego

It was a great experience building up our shop(s) in San Diego since 2006. We met many great people along the way and made many life long friends. It is sad to see San Diego in the rear view mirror but we are moving on to a new town and all new experiences so we can grow as a business and as people.

We have been in Portland for just over a month now and before moving on with all of the progress shots of our new shop I wanted to make one last post to catch everyone up on the closing down of our San Diego shop. Here are a few shots of the move out process. I’m sure a lot of you will be amused to see our ceiling for the first time!



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9 Responses to Goodbye San Diego

  1. Daniel says:

    I send my best from Orange County. I wish you good times and great success in Portland! Your leaving CA hurts me, since there are so few bike shops here that “get it.”
    Would love to order a Velo Cult wool jersey! Will you be putting those up on the site store?

  2. Kerry says:

    I am glad you are growing as a business, and congrats that you moved to a city with a healthier cycling community, but I am so bummed! There goes the ONLY unpretentious bike shop in San Diego. I want to cry. I have had such shit experiences at EVERY other bike shop here, (since moving here from Portland) I am not sure where to take my bike now. Any suggestions?

    • Bobby kane says:

      Pedal Pushers on El Cajon Blvd is a quality spot. Dave is man to talk to about bike parts (lots of used, difficult to find stuff in the back of his small shop).

      Sadly it’s true though, quality bike establishments are few and far between here in SD.

  3. You guys were really a breath of fresh air in San Diego. Thank you for all your great service, enthusiasm for the sport, friendship, and for all that you did to promote cycling (make that “cool cycling”) in the San Diego region. I always enjoyed visiting your shop, I had the utmost faith in your work on my bikes, I respected your input on just about everything, and I’m really glad I got to enjoy a variety of rides with you, too.

    I moved away just a little ahead of you, and then you closed, and so did my favorite tea shop (Infusions of Tea in the UTC area of La Jolla), and so it all just sort of made sense: onward and upward; nothing is permanent; the only thing inevitable is change. I have many fond memories of my years in LJ and SD. Thanks for being an intrinsic and important part of that.

    I wish you all the best in Portland and look forward to dropping in for a visit from time to time.

  4. Bobby kane says:

    As one of (if not the) premier bike shops in San Diego County, you will be seriously missed. I regret being unaware of the closure in time for one last stop by the store, but wish you all the best of luck in Oregon.


  5. maximus says:

    Of course you guys would leave town right before I move in!

    Visiting your shop last year really showed me the potential SD had to offer. I saw a vibrant shop full of character and love for cycling right smack in the middle of some amazing weather. Totally get it though and wish you guys the best.

  6. There are two types of companies, the ones that work to try and charge many those who work to charge less. I will be the other.
    The project of the people still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead much more than teamwork.

  7. Bruce Nanninga says:

    Sky and All:
    I am sorry that I missed getting to stop by the San Diego shop before your move. I separated my shoulder in a crash shortly after the new year and I have been doing little other than spinning on my trainer. My Bianchi needs a little attention before I get back on the road, I will try to get by Pedal Pushers. Last summer my buddies and I toured over 12 days from Port Ludlow to Portland. Portland is “the best” bicycle community, I know you will do well there and I will look you up when we get back there. The drive train (triple) that you put on my Bianchi has been great for climbing in east county and my daughter’s 1974 Peugeot is running fine thanks to you.
    Good luck to you! – Bruce

  8. Rachel Myers says:

    Miss you!!! Am looking for a touring bike for my daughter and you’re not here…aargh! Was hoping that it was just the storefront on Fern and that when someone said you’d gone “up north” they meant north county. Ever since we went to Portland last summer (bike tour!) my daughter has been insisting that she is moving to Portland. Did you really have to go first? Wonderful choice for the most bike-friendly town I’ve ever encountered. And wishing you luck. But wishing like mad that another of those bikes from your ceiling was in our home now. Curses! Foiled again!!!

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