Hello Portland

We have been hard at work building our new dream 10,000sf shop in the Hollywood area of Portland. We are a small shop trying to do the impossible which is to move our store to a much larger building and in a saturated bike market while doing it on very limited funds. Our old shop was only 1,200sf so we don’t really even know how to pull this off but we are doing it anyway. Sometimes you have to take a chance and just go for it. Bravo for my entire crew for believing in this and moving up to Portland to be a part of all this. We are not a corporate mega shop and we don’t have contractors working to get the shop built. We ARE the contractors and we are learning as we go. We are a family shop and we are relying on ourselves and each other to get this place built.

This building was an antique mall for 30 years so it has little display area’s for the different antique vendors. There was a lot of demo that we had to do and while it was hard work I’d lie if I didn’t say it was fun at the same time. Bike mechanic’s building their perfect shop in which to spend their days (and nights). As with most things we do at our store we do it to please ourselves and inevitably our customers end up loving it too because it shows personality, originality and a thought out approach to a bike shop. Every day we come up with a new great idea and go for it so we don’t have a master plan by any means. As of right now we have our cafe area and repair area pretty much completed and now I’m setting to build out the bar. It’s slow going because we aren’t professionals but at the same time we are doing it right. We have removed the ceiling to expose the 7 foot higher bow truss wood beams, stripped the flooring down to the baseboards and got new paint. Oh, and we have a castle draw bridge from a neat old castle that was once here in Portland. Fun little bit of local history there which will become a stage for bands when the draw bridge is down. We have met some really great portlanders who love to volunteer their time or skills to help out and not to mention offer pieces from an old castle. I don’t have a date yet but soon enough we will let everybody know about our grand opening party. We have some big things planned for this party and we hope that you all stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Hello Portland

  1. I can’t wait to come see the place. Is it 10,000 feet on the main floor, or the combined basement and main floor? The plan is to be there March 10-16th at my sister’s place in McMinnville. If it’s doable and you’re open, I’ll ride over on my Bike Friday NWT, which I’m bringing on the train. See you then!


  2. Hans Wangbichler says:

    Livin’ the dream! It’s really taking shape.

  3. Brian Page says:

    Welcome to Portland-I will definitely add your shop to the list of shops I frequent when in the Portland area. Can never have too many bicycles.

  4. Sky says:

    Hey Neil, it’ a combined square footage from the built out basement and main sales floor. I hope we are open by then. I hope we can meet you on your visit.

  5. Josh Capps says:

    I can attest to the cavernous mess that was the former antique shop as I have visited it many times (even picked up a great vintage George Nelson/Knoll table which I still have!). They were around for quite some time so they have had years to carve the place up as they see fit, although, I can seriously see the potential of the space and location.

    Are those movie theater chairs from the Hollywood theater?!? If so, bravo on scooping those up to keep the history within the neighborhood!

    I keep peeking in through holes in the paper covering the windows during off hours so keep up the great work!

  6. Sky says:

    Josh, I got 40 of the old seats out of the theater. Really happy I was able to make that happen. That kind of local history shouldn’t just disappear. Congrats, on the Knoll table. Sounds like we have similar interests.

  7. diane hamilton says:

    Sky, Melodee ,
    Summit and crew, Looks like the creative genius is at it again! I love your hip styles and ideas. Cant’ wait to visit the new bike shop or should I say the next BIG attraction to hit Portland! Congrates to everyone inclulding your hard working and loyale employees. Love Di.

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