New at Velo Cult: Swift Industries Bags

Our Friends over at Swift made us a big batch of bags. We have Panniers, Handlebar Bags, Saddle Bags, and even a Racktop Porteur Bag! These are some of the best bags we have ever seen and we are extra excited about the Handlebar Bags!

If you would like to know more about this company this is from their site:

“Swift Industries is a two-person bicycle pannier company in Seattle, Washington. We design and hand-make bicycle panniers and accessories from the very first snip to the very last bolt. We love bicycles, relish adventure, and have deep admiration for high quality handcrafts. Swift Industries is the perfect project for us to fuse all three.”

Also, We are offering a free Swift tool roll (super awesome) to the first three customers who purchase Swift Bags at Velo Cult. Same offer goes for online order. The bags will be put up on our site shortly. In the meantime just shoot us an email… We would be more than happy to ship anywhere.

Come by and check out the full sets and color combos we have in right now!

*Click the main image for more pictures*

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