Who can name these brakes?

Who can name these brakes?

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Sky Boyer, I am the owner of Velo Cult.

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11 Responses to Who can name these brakes?

  1. Tim w says:

    Dura Ace AX!

  2. matt says:

    zeus cam pull’s ?

  3. matt says:

    maybe suntour roller cam road calipers made solely for the american market

  4. tj says:

    dura ace ax brakes.

  5. Harry Major says:

    They’re Shimano AX brakes. I think their the Dura Ace ones (non-original pads). but its hard to tell front on. Could be Shimano 600.

    Nice to look at, but otherwise fairly crap. Lack of pad adjustment is the big fail.

  6. Timmy says:

    Those are Delta Mt bike brakes and quite rare they Campagnolo enter the mountain bike market and left quite quickly still kinda a mystery why. Considering that they were quick to enter the lower end road component in the very early 90’s. I still own a last generation pair of Road or C-Record delta’s would I ride with them no…….

  7. ethan says:

    …looks like Shimano AX.

  8. john says:

    Shimano Aero AX

  9. bob says:

    hi sky,i stopped in your shop for the first time on labor day;your two guys were indeed labouring on such a sunny day!…..they were cheerful,courteous and nice;likely they learned this demeanor from you!………your hardwork(and your crews!) have resulted in a new,exciting,laid back,purposeful and really great shop!……….i especially like the velocult,herse and singer bikes;i have seen a small slice of your bikes at u.s. bike hall of fame as recent as august…………….its a great thing you do by sharing bits of your collection and those of others!………..BEST OF LUCK to you and your crew Sky!…..what presence will you have at oregon handmade bikeshow in oct.?velocult bike?………ride often…..ride safe… as you ride,it makes people wonder what you are up to!………bob

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