This will be the first of a yearly Velo Cult Goldsprints event. We will be doing this even every friday at 7:00pm starting Feb. 1st 2013. We will be giving away prizes to racers and spectators from a big list of sponsors.

Everyone is welcome to participate or just come by to watch!

Spread the word! Let’s give Portland the PROPER Goldsprints event it deserves!

Series Schedule:

7:00pm Feb. 1st – Opening Night
7:00pm Feb. 8th
7:00pm Feb. 15th
7:00pm Feb. 22nd
7:00pm Mar. 1st
7:00pm Mar. 8th – Series Finale

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2 Responses to First Annual VELO CULT GOLDSPRINTS!

  1. Robert Yerex says:

    Will it be full-on rollers or with forkstands? I’ll do either. I assume fixed gear? Bring our own track bikes?
    I am looking forward to this!

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