Cycles J Bryant – Ryan’s 650b Randonneuse

Joshua recently completed his first frame built at Velo Cult for Velo Cult customer Ryan.

“Ryan came to me when I offered a batch production, semi-custom randonneuse.  I offer these occasionally and he jumped on this run.  He was looking to trade up one of his Surlys to get a bike that is better suited to the riding he actually does, namely: randonneuring, commuting and the random short bike-camping trip and these bikes are perfectly suited to that.  Something that has more neutral, yet responsive handling and is better suited to carrying loads on the front.  Enter, the Cycles J Bryant CF offering.”

-Joshua Bryant

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One Response to Cycles J Bryant – Ryan’s 650b Randonneuse

  1. joshua says:

    Awesome shots Anthony! Thanks for posting.

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