Andrew’s Igleheart Cross Poacher

Andrew was recently at the shop showing off his brand new custom bike by local frame builder Chris Igleheart. The bike was so rad we had to do an impromptu photo shoot.

Here is the story of how this beautiful bike was created:

“I know Chris from the East Coast, and he encouraged me to move to Portland 7 years ago. Chris moved back to Portland about a year ago, and has been welding up a storm since.

The project started as a surprise, when some friends gave Chris $100 down on a bike for me for my birthday. He welded me a gift certificate, and it’s fucking rad. That got the ball rolling.

The Cross Poacher is designed as a flat bar, single speed cross bike. I have been riding single speed cross bikes with flat bars not only for racing but as primary commuter/town-shred-machines for quite some time, but this is the first bike I’ve ridden specifically designed for that. It’s a cross bike with the heart of a mountain bike, and it shreds.


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