85 Photos of Winter Bicycles shot by Velo Cult

We have been working with Eric from Winter Bicycles for many years and the quality and quantity of beautifully designed bikes is is still astonishing to us. From Mixtes to Cross bikes, Track to Randonneur, he does each genre of bike as if it were his specialty. Not only is he a master of the torch but he has the vision to create useful, purpose built, timeless machines.

Every time a Winter Bicycle is completed he brings it to the Velo Cult Photo Studio and gets the bike shot before it goes out to the customer. As a result we have thousands of photos of his work throughout the years. This collection of 85 photos is just a small gathering of our favorite bikes and certain details that we thought were special. This is true bike porn!!

Winter headquarters are down in Springfield, OR but Eric maintains close ties to the Portland cycling community. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him at the shop or any of the bike shows you will have the opportunity this Saturday! We will be hosting an event celebrating Winter Bicycles and Winter Beer from Pfriem. Any Winter owners are encouraged to come by to show off their custom bikes. We will have several on display along with a new Velo Cult and Winter Bikes Collaboration. There will be a bunch of great beers on tap from Pfriem as well. Saturday Jan. 11th 6-9pm.

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