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Ride to Suzie’s CSA Farm


Last Saturday Velo Cult, and hosted a really fun bike ride. We rode though downtown and took the Ferry to Coronado Island. There were about 30 bikes on the little ferry so it was packed in there. From … Continue reading

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Gold Plated Campagnolo Parts


While digging through a friends parts drawer I found these gold plated (not anodized) Campagnolo parts. Often times you see things like cranks, brake calipers and seat posts in different colors so it is cool to see less common things … Continue reading

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Meeting with Council Member Todd Gloria at Velo Cult


Over the weekend we allowed our space to be used for a meeting with San Diego Council member Todd Gloria. It was an open forum for people to voice concerns about their city and discuss various issues. We actually designed … Continue reading

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Pedal Power Film


We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to for making this happen. It was a good, informative and entertaining film.

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Bike Ride in Poway, CA


Last week I took my Lighthouse out for a nice ride in Poway, CA. It was good timing because the day after the ride San Diego had a huge storm (huge for San Diego) and everyone was stuck inside for … Continue reading

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Velo Cult Surly Big Dummy


These are two Surly Big Dummies we built for a local family looking to drive less. The Xtracycle setup is already a great way to get around the city while hauling stuff but you can also use it to replace … Continue reading

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Velo Cult Baby: Max


Max is the son of Holly and Jason of Citizen Video across the street from the shop. Max will very soon be big enough to go on bike rides with his parents but for now he is just going to … Continue reading

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Clement Record Seta Extra aka “Onion skin”


At first glance I didn’t think much of this tire when I saw it sitting on the grass at a bike swap a few months ago. When I picked it up it was extremely light and felt like a balloon. … Continue reading

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Sky’s First Crash. Christmas 1977. 2 Years Old.


Recently there was a discussion about childhood bicycle memories and Sky said he had a picture of his first crash which was him wiped out in the bushes, his bike (more like a kids tricycle/scooter thing) laying beside him, and … Continue reading

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Joe Bell Workshop: Spring Valley, CA


Just recently I dropped off my 1963 Rene Herse to be repainted by Joe. It’s a given that a place that restores frames (mostly vintage) is bound to have cool stuff so Joe gave us the tour and let me … Continue reading

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