Look Bernard Hinault Road Bike

Look Bernard Hinault 01

Here’s a special bike that I just put together. It’s a bike I’ve always wanted. I found a guy in France that had this new Bernard Hinault LOOK and we struck up a deal. He wanted my custom made Grove Innovations road frame so we worked out a trade that we both were stoked with. After un-boxing this brand new frame I set to work building it with a pretty clean C-Record group (minus the rear derailleur and seat post, those to come soon). Since taking these photos I actually found a rare Flite saddle with matching colors too! I also have the matching jersey and water bottle too. Now I can pretend to be the Badger punching protesters (a reference only some of you will get I’m sure, raddest photo ever!).

5 Responses to Look Bernard Hinault Road Bike

  1. Joe Kelly says:

    You know… for it to be truly authentic you need to ditch the STI-style levers and aero wheels and build it up with a 7-speed Record group. Then you’d really have something. Sweet machine though. I’ve always loved the Mondrian Look frames. Congratulations!

  2. Sky says:

    I understand that but this is not a frame that Bernard would have ridden. This is a commemorative frame built later on. So, it’s pretty pretty close to what it would have been built like when this frame came out. This entire group came off of bikes from the same era so they are all happy and cozy on this frame.

  3. Kurt NZ says:

    Such a beauty… I owned one of a limited run of these frames in 1988… Kitted out with Campy C Record – Deltas – A work of art.

    Sadly a right hand turn from a motorist put me over the roof and squashed the frame.

  4. byron loibl says:

    i look at the Hinault picture above my monitor everyday and every day it makes me smile. i love the puffy haired frenchman looking back and running away with his hands in the air. classic.

  5. JIM KINNEY says:

    I have #13 of the 500 that were built. It’s still in the original box. It’s still a beauty.

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