Bontrager OR


This is one of my top 5 favorite mountain bikes of all time. I built this one up with a mix of classic and modern parts which for me work perfect with this bike.  In fact it works so great for me I am afraid to change anything. When it comes to singletrack and fast twisty rides this is my go to bike. The color as far as I can tell is original but I have never seen another like it, I have a feeling it was a factory custom paint job. The size on this one is 15″ which is good for someone up to 5’10”, which is my height exactly.

2 Responses to Bontrager OR

  1. Lucky says:

    Drooling. The best part is that you ride a lot of these. The Ti WTB is…uhh…i’m at a loss…just too sweet for words.

  2. Simon S says:

    as the owner of a ’96 Racelight, I couldn’t agree more: one of my all time favorite rides.

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