Capo Road Bike

Capo 01

This is a really cool early 60′s Austrian made Capo road bike. There were not all that many of these made and only few made their way to the United states where they were only sold in California. Capo was really high end and desirable back then. This frame has a beautiful patina to it I think. I’ve kept it around for some time just because I love it’s aged look. The frame is fully lugged and made with Reynolds 501 tubing. The badges on this are 3 dimensional and probably the coolest badges’s I’ve ever seen on a bike. The bike is equipped very nicely. The hubs, derailleurs, and shifters are vintage Campagnolo. The brakes are Weinmann Vainqueur 999 models. The cranks are very rare Agrali steel cranks with half step gearing. The pedals are also Agrali. The stem is an adjustable 3ttt with an Ambrosio handlebar. The rims are 27 inch and take clincher tires.

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