Cecil Behringer Track Frame


This is a track frame that falls into the ultra rare category. This was made by Cecil Behringer and Cecil’s skill is apparent all over this frame. I’m told by some collectors that Behringer frames are so rare that most collectors don’t even know about them. The bottom bracket and seat post are Pino Moroni. Cecil and Pino collaborated extensively together.

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  1. Greg Kelcher says:

    I am lucky enough to own a Behringer road bike that was built for me back in 1975. I recently rebuilt it using all Campy Super Record gear. It’s a great bike. I also had a track bike built by Cec that was built up using the short lived Shimano 10 series components. That bike currently resides with Dan Casebeer, owner of Grand Performance bike shop. That was also a great bike, too bad the Shakopee velodrome closed before I gor a chance to ride this bike on it.

  2. Christopher Brett says:

    I am also lucky enough to own a Cecil Behringer touring bike. I ride it daily – well when it’s not snowing in Montréal (8 months a year). Pino BB and unusually long set back campy seat post (it’s a 61cm frame and I’m 6’3″ – second owner). I get the impression that it’s one of his later frames based on IDing the components (early 80s period dura-ace, cinelli and campy). Lugs are wonderfully tapered, long point, and are slightly more elaborate then his earlier (steel) frames. It’s painted all black with an unusual head badge: a gold oval picture frame crested with a crown surrounding the typical “B” in blood red (otherwise it has a “Behringer” decal on the down tube also in blood red, etc, and it’s stamped). I’ve collected classic racing/HQ bikes for a long time – this is the only bike I still own from my (once 60+) collection as it is the by far the best all-around bike I have ever owned. Behringers are truly collectors collector bikes – he cared about his craft and was a scientist and pioneer. I’ll never part with my Behringer frame (ever) but grab one when you get the opportunity and RIDE IT because if you enjoy bikes, it will change your life.

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