Curtlo Action-Tec


This bike is my riding one of them all. It was custom built for me by Doug Curtis in Los Angeles in I believe late 1992. After that I raced it for a few seasons and since I loved it so much I continued to race and ride it periodically ever since to this day. It’s pretty hammered at this point but still my favorite bike.

The frame is un-filed fillet brazed and the geometry is customized for the Action Tec suspension fork. This is the fork Cannondale based their design on. To this day it’s the best fork I have ever ridden that is short travel. I have ridden hundreds and hundreds and possibly into the thousands of mountain bikes and this is the only one that disappears beneath me.

Originally this had a different saddle, a Curtlo stem, and straight bars. The hubs, rims, spokes, seat post, cranks, rear derailleur, headset, brakes and bottom bracket are original to this frame. Pretty good considering how many miles this thing has. The original fork was one of the earliest and failed on me so this fork was replaced in probably the mid 90’s which is why it’s not color matched. Every once in a while I will still race this against the modern bikes. Heck, I still think this is the fastest bike I have ever ridden, so modern doesn’t always mean faster.

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