David Tesch Road Bike

Tesch Road Bike 01

This is a beautiful David Tesch that I found pretty much in this condition. It was obviously not ridden much by the original owner as it’s in great shape.  The build is full C-record with Delta brakes and Zonda wheels.

David Tesch started in the business in the first days of trek and really hit his stride at Masi California. At Masi he really made a name for himself and ventured out on his own in the early 90’s. He passed away at the age of 44 in 2003 unfortunately but his frames live on.


7 Responses to David Tesch Road Bike

  1. Jeff motch says:

    I have that same bike and thought there weren’t any other black ones out there.

  2. Steve Brantley says:

    I own a red one, built by me. Frame was purchased in 84 (ish) in Torrance ca.

  3. Jon Claus says:

    I bought a frameset a few years ago and built it up as a fixed gear. Super smooth bike.

  4. Brian Toal says:

    I have a white one that I bought from a guy at Fort Hood in the early 90’s. Sold it to my buddy over 15 years ago and just got it back this week. I am super stoked to rebuild it. Would like to have it refinished but am afraid.

  5. Mike Tesch says:

    I am Dave’s brother Mike. I appreciate the attention his bikes still get. He was a driven true bike genius. His work is flawless. Our family owns a number of his bikes including his last personal daily rider. He built our father one of the first 101’s which I am currently restoring to it’s original condition.
    Thank You All,

    Mike Tesch – Milwaukee

  6. Ann Marie Buus says:

    I am David’s sister. This bike is beautiful and very dramatic! Glad you found it and appreciate it. Enjoy your ride.

    Ann Marie Buuus- Milwaukee

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