Diamond 1985

Diamond Gold Road Bike 01

I acquired the frame and fork from a friend of the original owner, who had recently passed away. It was probably built around 1985, and has a beautiful Joe Bell paint job. One of the distinguishing features of this frame is the beautiful hand cut lugs in a lightning bolt pattern. The frame measures 60 cm c-c with a 56 cm top tube. It is probably built from Columbus tubing, although I can’t be certain. It does have a rifled steer tube, which is a Columbus feature. Campagnolo dropouts.

I built it with primarily Dura Ace 7400 series components, except for the brakes. Those are first generation Dura Ace from about 1973. They are unusual, in that they have been very carefully reworked at some point, with all the mating surfaces carefully machined to parallel, and titanium hardware used in place of steel. Very light and strong. I’ve also used a Sakae Modolo handlebar, which is my favorite bend. I currently run a 6 speed 13/23 indexed rear end, with 52/39 rings up front. The headset is a Chris King Gripnut. Wheelset is Dura Ace 7400 32 hole hubs laced to DT Swiss RR 1.1 rims with DT Swiss stainless spokes and brass nipples.

Overall the bike is fantastic to ride. It is fast and responsive without being twitchy. Very stable at speed, climbs and descends extremely well. The geometry is very sporting while still being comfortable as an all day rider. My feeling is that Greg Diamond designed this bike with Italian racing machines in mind, of the type used in long stage races such as the Giro d’Italia.

This bike belongs to Chris Wimpy.

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  1. Chris Wimpy is lucky! That bike is absolutely beautiful and is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s my size, too, darn it!

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