Dick Power Track Bike


Serial # 5 (?).  50 cm.  Reynolds 531 DB.  Probably built in late 1950s (decals are Sunnyside, Long Island).  Nervex lugs.  Campagnolo 151 track crank, Berthet pedals, Fiamme Red Label rims, Airlite hubs, Brooks Swallow

This bike belongs to Ken Wallace.

2 Responses to Dick Power Track Bike

  1. Bob Frey says:

    I was a friend of Dick and rode for the Italian club (USI) in the 50’s and early 60’s Having 2 Dick Power track bikes I can say the bike shown does not represent what Dick was selling in that time period. He would use Chatterle (CL) crank sets and fiammi rims (spelling may not be correct). Colors – black, baby blue, white and chrome. Also I do not remember the shape of the Mansfield saddle shown being on his bikes

    PS: Is there a market for these bikes. Mine were built in 1955.

  2. This is a later Dick Power. Built, probably around 1958/9. He was then using Campy stuff. The Mansfield saddle was also typical of this period. Also, it was not built in Sunnyside. It was built at his later shop on Roosevelt Ave as the decal indicates. He left Sunnyside sometime around 1952 where he had been since the late 30’s. He still, however, called the shop “Sunnyside Cycle Shop”.

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