Fat Chance Team


This is an interesting Team Fat Chance. At some point somebody added a set of cable guides along the top tube and repainted it. I have no idea who did this work. The extra cable guide is for the IRD remote quick release for the seat post. The handlebar actuator for this seat post quick release is the third shifter on the handlebar. The idea here is you open the quick release, push your weight into the seat post to lower it and then close the quick release. This will give you a lower seat for descending. When the descent is over you stand up and open the quick release and the Hi-Rite spring pops your seat up to its original position and then you lock the quick release again. It’s a trippy little item.

Because it had the IRD remote quick release for the seat post I decided to give this bike some really mechanical and odd brakes. The front brake is the rare and super wild Westpine scissor brake. It’s one of my favorite brakes. It takes forever to setup but it is the most adjustable brake I have ever used. You can go from extremely squishy to extremely hard feeling brakes. In those extremes the brakes are unusable but it goes to show just  how adjustable they are. For the rear brake I went with a McMahon widget brake which is very mechanical in an attempt to figure out how to get the brakes to move directly toward each other while the cable is still pulling it straight up. Soon after this came out the V-style brake figured this out in a much cleaner simpler way.

As for the build this has Suntour XC Pro.

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