Huffy (Mike Melton) 1982


This bicycle belonged to John Marino and was custom-made for him to race in the 1982 Great American Bicycle Race (the predecessor to RAAM). His sponsor was Huffy and the builder was Mike Melton, who would become even more well-known two years later when he built all the futuristic bicycles for the 1984 US Olympic team (bicycles which included many of the aerodynamic features that Marino’s bike already had in 1982). John gave me the frame and fork in 1989 as a thank you gift for my years of service to RAAM (as he had in 1986 with the 1983 Raleigh I also own). Several years later I had Cyclart restore the paint and decals to original condition and appearance, including John’s signature on the top tube, then I spent years accumulating all the parts to set it up exactly like it was when John raced it from Santa Monica to New York City in the summer of 1982. In 2007 it was selected to be featured in the book “The Competition Bicycle” by Jan Heine, so I finally finished the complete restoration. Fortunately, Marino had several old boxes of bike parts in his garage which I went through to find the final missing pieces to get it all done. It’s so beautiful and wonderfully captures the pre-aero-handlebar craze with making the bicycle more aerodynamic (as compared with making the rider more aerodynamic, which aero bars do). I’m so tempted to ride it on occasion, but I don’t let myself. It’s museum quality and will stay that way, a monument to my idol and mentor, John Marino.

This is the personal bike of Chris Kostman.

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