Kestrel 1990


I completed the Race Across America at age 20 in 1987, placing 9th overall (in a field of 33) and went down in the history books as the race’s youngest finisher ever (a distinction I held until 18 years later, when an 18-year-old finished the race in 2005). The RAAM winner in 1987 was ultracycling legend Michael Secrest, who rode a Kestrel 4000 equipped with Campy C-Record components (this was a brand new, futuristic bicycle at the time). As a result, this bicycle reminds me distinctly of that race and that time and place in my life. Plus, even for a steel frame aficionado who despises the carbon take-over of the cycling industry, I think this bicycle is just gorgeous. Plus, it rides great! To remember my 1987 RAAM, I always wanted a bicycle like this. As such, when I stopped seeking bicycle company sponsorship after 1994, I sought out a used Kestrel and came across this circa-1990 model. It’s had a few paint jobs and repairs to the carbon over the years (close inspection reveals that the top tube is fatter near the front half…), but has seen a lot of action. I love riding it every so often and the old-school down-tube shifters never cease to befuddle all the “modern day” carbon bike riders who can’t believe that this frame was built in 1990, and so were nearly all its components.

This is the personal bike of Chris Kostman.

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  1. craig smith says:

    I am very keen to buy this bike! Has it been sold?

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