Landshark Tandem

Landshark Tandem Pink 01

John Slawta is the man behind Landshark Cycles. I grew up racing in Los Angeles and all through my jr racing years Landshark was certainly the talk of the town for experienced racers. In 1991 John moved his shop to Medford Oregon where he still builds today. It’s still a one man operation where John builds frames and even paints every one of them himself. John was in school training to be an artist but loved frame building so he married the two and has been pumping out great bikes ever since.

This Landshark tandem is pretty cool. It’s all fillet brazed, has custom paint and was built for racing. Most tandems you see are build with touring in mind but not this one. It has no rack or fender braze-on’s, no extra frame tubes anywhere and only two chainrings. It was built for one thing only, racing. You’ll notice that somehow I managed to get two of these nearly identical tandems, what are the chances of that? It’s kind of a shame you don’t see road tandem’s racing much anymore don’t you think?

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