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This was a real special find with some coincidence.  I was reading Dave Moultons blog in which he was talking about his special Aero Masi that he built for a trade show. In his blog post he said “I wonder where that one is now; definitely one of a kind”. I kid you not a week later this bike rolls into my shop. The owners of this bike was a kid and his father who bought this from their neighbor. They wanted to see if I could get Dura Ace AX hoods so they could sell it at the local bike swap. I did have access to those hoods and knowing what this was I put in a bid to buy it. They had some knowledge of Masi pricing so I did not get it for cheap but I was still happy to find it. I contacted Dave Moulton and he confirmed that this is the bike he built.

The bike was built in late 1981 for the 1982 bicycle trade show in New York. I have a friend that actually remembers this bike being there. The serial number was 001 and SM82/81.

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  1. Heinz (germany) says:

    It’s a nice bike, but it is not the one Dave is talking about in his blogg. He meant the light blue MASI AERO for the NY cycle show in 1981 with the absolute first Dura Ace AX group on it.
    The bottom bracket is stamped with DM1, the Aero frame is very special in all details, it has it’s own MASI Aero decals and only one of this kind was build by Dave.
    Why do I know this?
    I bought the bike a bit dusty but NOS from Ted Kirkbride a few years ago for my collection.

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