Medici Time Trial


This is a very rare Medici time trial frame made for a Norm Hoffman out of Bakersfield Ca. It’s a wild design that I figured had some history so I contacted Mike Howard of Medici Cycles about this unique frame and this is what he had to say about it:

“Yes I do remember building this bike. It has a 90 degree seat tube. This was one of the first bikes ever with the super steep seat angle when the time trialist and pursuitist were all going nuts over the steep seat tube. We built 3 or 4 bikes for this guy starting with about an 80 seat angle and gradually stepping it up until we got to 90 on the last one. The guy’s name was Norm Hoffman. We thought he was out of his mind but with each bike we built him he would break another national time trial record. He won the Nationals in his age category on several occasions. Quite an amazing guy and was I believe in his 40’s when all this was happening. The bike may have records that are still standing. Hope that helps you out.


I did some online research and found that there is a memorial site up for Norm as he was hit by a car several years ago while riding. The bike is pretty amazing actually. The superman position (that’s what they called it) really lays your body out to be aerodynamic. This frame was not built to be raced on a regular basis but rather only built specifically for the record. There’s no handlebar position where you can turn the handlebars and the brakes that it had were only scrub brakes. It would take forever to stop this bike. The brake lever is the left side thumb shifter. The shifter has two cables coming out of them which go to the brakes. The front brake is in the normal place but the rear is mounted under the bottom bracket. The superman handlebars are actually made of aluminum and they have a custom bulge just for the computer bracket which is quite a bit of work for such a small detail. The computers wiring is internally run through the frame and exits all they at the non-drive side rear drop out. All the cables on this are internal as well making it more aero.

The size of this is 59cm with a whopping 63cm top tube. Add to that top tube the fact that it has a super set back seat post and the superman handlebars and you are nearly laying down on this bike. The front wheel is 650c and the rear is 700c.


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  1. Sam Ames says:

    Well this was quite a find…simply looking up old Norm photos for giggles…I’ll clarify a few facts for what its worth. Norm was “Zeus” as we liked to call him. A huge guy and a motor to match. He was a good friend and mentor, neighbor and could suffer like no one I knew or know now. About the bike, Norm has several made thru Sniders Cyclery in Bakersfield. He tinkered with many setups. Norm came from a track and field background and maintained that he could really get power from his rotated “track blocks” position. I saw him climb, descend and do many group rides on this bike or one very similar. It was NOT made just for champs. or races…he rode it regularly. We know so much more about bike fit now and bio mechanics that it scares me to think what he could do…if an errant driver had not taken his life. RIP….thx for the fun post!

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