Medici Road Bike

Medici Silver Road Bike 01

This is a nice early 80’s Medici roadbike. Medici was begun by Gian Simonetti and Mike Howard. Both of which worked at Masi USA before starting Medici in Southern California. The brand was building Italian styled bikes in the United States with high standards of workmanship. Medici eventually turned into Simonetti bikes.

This bike has a complete Campagnolo Super Record group set. It’s pretty much all original minus the saddle, tires and bar tape.



Gian Simonetti and Mike Howard left Masi to build this marque. Later the brand morphed into “Simonetti”

2 Responses to Medici Road Bike

  1. Larry burns says:

    I bought Medici with campy sr components in 1980’s from Ralph Carnavale. Is there a group or club that appraises Medici’s?

    • Jon Bartunek says:

      A few years ago I was given a Medici Pro-Strada that had been wrapped up and chained to a pipe in a garage for over 25 years. Turns out that it was “custom” made for an older gentleman to satisfy a debt and he never rode it. It is totally all original, including handlebar tape & tires. I did replace the tubes, as they were rotten and did not hold air. I have ridden it a total of 2 miles and now I’m not sure what I am going to do with it!!! It is a pretty bike to look at — maybe I will just hang it on the wall in my office.

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