Merlin Track Bike


Serial # 14477.  22 ½ in. Reynolds 531 DB.  Bike formerly belonged to Peter Stevens who was the promoter for the 1978 Junior World Championships in Washington, DC.  After retiring, he and his wife, Barbara Stevens, moved to Prescott AZ.  After his death, Mrs. Stevens saw a show on Arizona Highways Television about the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel and offered me some of Peter’s memorabilia and this bicycle.  Equipped with Sugino track crank, Airlite track hubs.

This bike belongs to Ken Wallace.

One Response to Merlin Track Bike

  1. Curtis Odom says:

    I have a Merlin Track Bike as well. I purchased mine new in 1977, it was built several years earlier than that. Mine had a powdered copper paint over chrome that made the bike look almost gold plated. It is still in use a road single.


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