Moots Mountaineer MTB

Moots Mountaineer MTB 01

It goes without saying that being a mountain bike collector that I was always looking for a Moots Mountaineer for myself. Finally after years of looking this bike came my way. Moots was a very high end builder of steel bikes in Colorado before going to all titanium. These were not production bikes by any means and each was a little different in the tradition of custom frame building. The frame is a combo of lugged and fillet brazed joints. Moots had a lot of innovation as well. The brake bosses are called Moots-Mounts and clamp onto the frame allowing you to move the boss up or down which allowed you to choose between cantilever and roller-cam style brakes. You’ll notice this has a roller cam rear brake and canti front brake. The shoulder strap also clamp on and so do the to Road Handles which are those wood bar end type things on the handlebar. The stem is pretty cool with it’s internal cable routing that flows through the bars pinch bolt. I estimate this to be about a 1985 bike. -Sky Velo Cult Bike Shop.

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