Moto-Cruiser (Yeti) 1982


Motocruiser (pre-Yeti) made two prototypes in the very beginning. One of them was raced to victory in the Reseda to the Sea race by Aaron Cox. This one ended up being very well preserved when I found it. It’s very obviously a prototype and the oldest one ever found. Back then people took their influence for building mountain bikes either from 1930’s cruisers or BMX bikes. The BMX influence is all over on this thing. It has a BMX bottom bracket, BMX headset, BMX bars, BMX stem, BMX pedals and a BMX seat post.

The rear drop outs are the oddest thing I have ever seen. My guess is the drop out was designed so they could test different chainstay lengths. The cable guides also change styles on this frame indicating they were just using things lying around the shop and just considered this a prototype. I got confirmation from John Parker that this indeed is the one of the first two frames. John remembers the camo paint being done by a painter in the movie industry.  The man I bought this frame from had the same exact story so I’m confident this is the original. I even got confirmation from Aaron Cox as well. The bike Aaron Cox rode got beat into the ground under several racers. Last anybody heard of it the bike make it’s way to Colorado where it was used in a rental fleet. Not having decals who knows if it will ever pop up again….

Motocruiser operated until 1985 when the name was changed to Yeti. You might see some similarities to the early Yeti FRO bikes in this Motocruiser. This and the earliest Yeti’s were made in Los Angeles before moving to Colorado.

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